WorkWeek looks at the struggle of the French people and workers against the Macron government. WorkWeek was in Paris on November 24,2018 when tens of thousands of workers went to the streets of Paris and other cities against regressive taxation and austerity policies of the Macron government. Next, WorkWeek hears from UBER Lyft drivers who … Continued

WorkWeek looks at the GO public school charter chain in Oakland with Michael Hutchinson. GO “public” charter school chain has expanded from Oakland to West Contra Costa County where they are supporting WCCSB candidate Val Cuevas who is also backed by the United Teachers Of Richmond and other unions. WorkWeek next hears the voices of … Continued

WorkWeek looks at the use of public worker pension money to fund ballot proposition against working people. We talk with journalist Andrew Perez with about the use of Black Rock and other hedge funds to fund opposition to California proposition 10 which would allow local communities to establish rent control. While the public worker … Continued

WorkWeek radio looks at the three day strike of AFSCME 3299 UC with Kathryn Lybarger, president of AFSCME 3299 and president of the California Federation of Labor CAL Fed. She discusses the strike of 25,000 members of her union in the fight against contracting out and how privatization is affecting their members. Next, WorkWeek hears … Continued