October 9, 2018 – Marriott Unite Here Strike In SF, IBT UPS Contract Fight and CTA Charters & Val Cuevas

WorkWeek hears from striking Unite Here Local 2 workers at the Marriott Marquis hotel in San Francisco. They discuss the need to get two and three jobs and the attack on their living conditions. They also discuss how their fight is connected to other workers in the US. Next we hear about the majority vote against a two tier contract at UPS. The concession contract was supported by both UPS management and the Teamster union leadership. According to the guests, millions of dollars by both the union and company were being spent to get a yes vote. We talk with IBT Vice President for the Southern Region John Palmer and Teamster UPS steward from IBT Local 2785 Angelo Demma.
Next WorkWeek reports on the California Teacher Association ad against billionaires supporting charters and charter supporters and why they are supporting charter supporter Val Cuevas who is also being funded by the charter industry who are pushing privatization.

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Workweek-radio – Ww10-9-18-marriott-unite-here-strike-in-sf-ibt-ups-contract-fight-and-cta-charters-val-cuevas

SF Marriott Workers Strike: A Class Battle For All Workers
UPS and Two Tiers
Workweek-radio – Ww8-21-18-ibt-and-the-ups-two-tier-contract-proposal
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