WorkWeek interviews writer and activist Alice Walker about the Victor Arnautoff murals at George Washington High in San Francisco. Next WorkWeek interviews Rebecca Sy, president of the Dragon Airlines Flight Association of Cathay Pacific  airlines. She was terminated  without any charges by the airline management.  She discusses the growing repression  and attacks on free speech … Continued

WorkWeek radio looks at the decision of the AFL-CIO International Affairs committee to protest the exclusion of Congressional representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilan Omar from visiting Israel. We talk with Baldemar Valasquez who is with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee FLOC and is on the AFL-CIO International Affairs Committee. He talks about this decision and … Continued

WorkWeek hears from African American muralist Dewey Crumpler who did the response mural at George Washington High School in San Francisco. He discusses the importance of the Victor Arnautoff murals which are now threatened again with a unanimous vote by the San Francisco Unified School Board to destroy the murals. Next WorkWeek looks at the … Continued

WorkWeek hears some segments of the new San Francisco Mime Troupe play “Treasure Island” about the cover-up and corruption at San Francisco Treasure Island. The play was panned by SF Chronicle theater critic Lilly Janiak who said the play fares better as a “lecture”. WorkWeek then looks at the San Francisco Chronicle meeting on February … Continued