July 9, 2019 – SF Mime Troupe, SF Chronicle & Treasure Island Cover-up

WorkWeek hears some segments of the new San Francisco Mime Troupe play “Treasure Island” about the cover-up and corruption at San Francisco Treasure Island.
The play was panned by SF Chronicle theater critic Lilly Janiak who said the play fares better as a “lecture”.
WorkWeek then looks at the San Francisco Chronicle meeting on February 28, 2019 where the Chronicle editor Audrey Cooper says that the paper and reporters are under severe pressure not to cover the corruption and cover-up at highly contaminated Hunters Point and Treasure Island.
Following this meeting there have been no further articles on Treasure Island or Hunters Point by the reporters Jason Fagone and Cynthia Dizkes although at that meeting they told the audienc that there were working on further material on the Treasure Island cover-up.
We then hear from tenants at Treasure Island, whistleblowers and Dr. Larry Rose, the former Cal-OSHA medical director.
They talk about the cancers and medical conditions of residents from the radioactive contamination, the retaliation against Tetra Tech nuclear clean-up workers and the role of San Francisco politicians including former Governor Gavin Newsom, former District Attorney Kamala Harris, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Mayor London Breed in covering up the illegal retaliations and violations of OSHA and health and safety rules.
Additional media:
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