August 13, 2019- Crumpler Murals, ILWU Port Land Grab & CCSF Privatization

WorkWeek hears from African American muralist Dewey Crumpler who did the response mural at George Washington High School in San Francisco. He discusses the importance of the Victor Arnautoff murals which are now threatened again with a unanimous vote by the San Francisco Unified School Board to destroy the murals.
Next WorkWeek looks at the fight against gentrification in Oakland and the connection to the land grab by John Fisher who owns GAP, the A’s and controls KIPP and Rocketship charter chain.
We interview former ILWU Local 10 secretary treasuer Clarence Thomas.
Last we investigate the destruction of San Francisco City College which is shutting down classes and selling off public land that has been used for student parking at the Balboa reservoir.
We interview Madeline Mueller, chair of the Music Department, Rick Baum, a lecturer of CCSF and member of AFT 2121 and Alex Corns, retired LIUNA Local 36 Hod Carriers Business Manager Alex Corns.
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