WorkWeek looks at the issue of climate change and labor with ATU Vice President Bruce Hamilton. Hamilton has called for a general strike to transform the economy and deal with the growing emergency climate crisis. Next, WorkWeek discusses the attack on San Francisco freelance journalist Bryan Carmody in flagrant violation of the California shield law … Continued

WorkWeek looks at the plan of Japan Prime Minister Abe to bring the Olympics to Fukushima. The government says it has been decontaminated. We interview a railroad worker from Doro-Mito, a former ambassador Murata and an anti-nuclear activist. Next WorkWeek hears a report on the struggle in Venezuela and peoples resistance to US imperialism. Additional … Continued

WorkWeek first hears a report about the Australian Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance supporting Assange and calling for his return to Australia. Next WorkWeek looks at the plans for 2019 May Day by ILWU Local 10 and the connection to gentrification and the proposed new A’s stadium at the Howard Terminal. We interview past ILWU … Continued

At a press conference at San Francisco Treasure Island on March 14, 2019, Tetra Tech health and safety experts and Health Physicist and a Treasure Island Safety Officer talked about the systemic violation of health and safety standards and protection for the workers, residents and the public. They reported that Tetra Tech management was involved … Continued