April 16, 2019 – Assange Gets Union Backing, ILWU May Day & Gentrification & CA DIR Baker Scandal

WorkWeek first hears a report about the Australian Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance supporting Assange and calling for his return to Australia. Next WorkWeek looks at the plans for 2019 May Day by ILWU Local 10 and the connection to gentrification and the proposed new A’s stadium at the Howard Terminal. We interview past ILWU Local 10 president Lawrence Thibeaux who is now president of Pensioners in Local 10, past ILWU Local 10 Secretary-Treasurer Clarence Thomas who is working with the May Day Committee and Kimberly King who is on the Executive Board of the Peralta Federation of Teachers, an instructor at Laney Community College and chair of the union diversity committee. They also discuss the role of the billionaire A’s owner John Fisher whose family also runs the KIPP foundation and Rocketship charter schools.
Last, WorkWeek radio looks at the deepening corruption scandal at the California Division of Industrial Relations DIR which was headed by Christine Baker. A California audit completed last year reported that Baker had put her daughter Julianna Baker, on the payroll and she had not done any work and received $129,000.
After the report, she resigned and former governor Jerry Brown then appointed her to the California Fraud Assessment Commission FAC and the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has refused to investigate her and her daughter for fraud and corruption.
We interview Garrett Brown, a former Cal-OSHA staff member and editor of Inside Cal/OSHA and Dr. Larry Rose, the former medical director of Cal-OSHA.

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WW4-16-19 Assange Gets Union Backing, ILWU May Day & Gentrification & CA DIR Baker Scandal
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