April 9, 2019 – History and Lessons Of 1969 SF State Strike

WorkWeek hears from students in the San Francisco State strike fifty years after the strike. On The 50th Anniversary Of The SF State Strike, Ex-Strikers from the strike of ’68 read from their works on the Strike of 1968. This was part of the commemoration of the longest student strike in the history of the United States and was held at San Francisco State on March 13, 2019.
Speakers included Laureen Chew, student striker, ’68, Professor, Emiritus, Asian American Studies Department, Author of an article about her time in Jail: A Journey to 20 Days in the Hole.
Peter Shapiro, author, Song of the Stubborn One Thousand: The Watsonville Canning Strike, 1985-87 (Mexicano workers strike in Watsonville) and, An End to Silence: the San Francisco State Student Movement in the 60’s.
Steve Zeltzer, student striker, ‘68, now Director of the Labor Video Project, leader,LaborFest Festival.
Judy Juanita [SFSU ’69 and ’93] is a novelist, poet and playwright. Her semi-autobiographical debut novel, Virgin Soul[Viking, 2013], (a young black woman joins the Black Panther Party.) Her essays, DeFacto Feminism: Essays Straight Outta Oakland [EquiDistance Press, 2016], on race, gender, politics and spirituality. In Homage to the Black Arts Movement, [EquiDistance Press, 2018] explores this period of student activism and its impact on Black Studies.
Margaret Leahy, student striker, ‘68 wrote the essay “A New World Opens” in You Say You Want A Revolution- SDS, PL, and Adventures in Building A Worker Student Alliance WSA.
Ernie Brill, striker, ’68, author of I Looked Over Jordan and Other Stories. His essay “Towards Revolutionary Art” in, You Say You Want A Revolution, SDS, PL Adventures in Building A Worker Student Alliance, part of a group of writings about the strike.
Joel Eis, student striker, ‘68, organizer of the Drama Department’s guerilla theatre groups during the strike, author of two books on theatre and progressive politics. His memoir, Standin’ in Hard Rain, the Making of a ‘60s Revolutionary, endorsed by David Harris (organizer, Nat’l Draft Resistance during the Vietnam War and married to Joan Baez) and Peter Coyote) is making the rounds to publishers now.
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