July 2, 2019 – PRIDE & Labor, Nazis Racists Attack CCSF Professor and AB5 UBER Lyft Battle

WorkWeek first hears from Unite Here Local 2 members and others who joined their contingent at the PRIDE march and rally. They talked about why the fight of LBGTQ are connected directly to the fight of Local 2 members and all labor. Other marchers talked about the case of whistleblower Chelsea Manning and publisher and journalist Julian Assange.
Next we hear about a racist nazi attack on San Francisco City College Ethnic Studies Professor Dr. David Palaita. Two racist nazis came to his class two weeks ago to attack him personally and demand that he quit teaching.
At the same time the CCSF Chancellor Mark Rocha and Board of Trustees are attacking the Ethnic Studies program with cuts to department chairs.
Last WorkWeek looks at Assembly Bill 5 which could force UBER, Lyft and other tech companies to pay basic benefits to their workers. We are joined by Today we are joined by Edward Escobar who has been organized Uber and Lyft with The Alliance For Independent Workers and journalist and writer Steve Hill.
Additional media:
SF PRIDE 2019 “One Job Is Enough!” Unite Here Local 2 & Free Chelsea & Assange
Racist Nazis Target CCSF Ethnic Studies Professor & Class While Chancellor Rocha & Board Attack Programs
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