October 23, 2018 – AFSCME3299 UC Strike Interview of Pres. Lybarger & SF Unite Here 2 Marriott Strike

WorkWeek radio looks at the three day strike of AFSCME 3299 UC with Kathryn Lybarger, president of AFSCME 3299 and president of the California Federation of Labor CAL Fed. She discusses the strike of 25,000 members of her union in the fight against contracting out and how privatization is affecting their members.
Next, WorkWeek hears the voices of San Francisco Unite Here Local 2 hotel workers who have been on a strike against the Marriott corporation which is the largest hotel company in the world. On Saturday October 21, 2018 there was a mass march of 3,000 workers in San Francisco to support the strikes that are going on at 7 Marriott owned hotels.

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