October 16, 2018 – NAFTA 2.0 USMC The AFL-CIO And Labor “Its A Scam!”


WorkWeek Radio looks at Trump’s new NAFTA 2.0 or USMC. We interview Professor William Robinson who teaches at UCB on Sociology Global and International Studies. He has written extensively on NAFTA and it’s effects in the US and Mexico. We also interview Desiree Rojas, president of Labor Council For Latin American Advancement LACLAA in Sacramento, California.
They discuss the effect of NAFA and what NAFTA 2.0 will bring to workers on both sides of the border. The AFL-CIO, the Teamsters and most other national unions are saying they want to make this a better deal under Trump and it can be reformed even though it has already been negotiated with major attacks on workers, the environment and will further privatization and deregulation.

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