With Simon Mabon, lecturer at Lancaster in University and author of the book Saudi Arabia and Iran: Power and Rivalry in the Middle East.  Then, David Abraham, natural resource strategist, director of the Technology, Rare and Electronics Materials Center, and author of the book The Elements of Power: Gadgets, Guns, and the Struggle for a Sustainable Future in the Rare … Continued

The week before the Iowa caucus, Robert Reich called Hillary Clinton “the most qualified candidate for president of the political system we now have,” and Bernie Sanders “the most qualified candidate to create the political system we should have.” He joins us for a sweeping conversation about the limits of America’s political system, and whether … Continued

We’ll talk about Iowa and moving forward for the Presidential Candidates with: Adele Stan, weekly columnist at the American Prospect. She is the former Washington Bureau chief for Alternet and a longtime chronicler of national politics. Normal Solomon, co-founder of RootsAction.org and founding director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, author of the book War … Continued

Ted Cruz takes first place in the Republican caucus; Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton end in a statistical dead heat. We’ll talk to Ruth Coniff, who’s been covering the campaign from on the ground, Isaiah Poole, who’s following it from Washington, and Craig Holman, who’s tracking the money behind the campaigns. Plus: John Burris joins … Continued