Today’s music segment features an interview with Austin, Texas based musician Abram Shook followed by his latest single “Understood”. Also including music by experimental band Aloa Input from Germany, Los Angeles’ group Mini Mansions’ latest single featuring vocals from Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and Inner Oceans from Denver, Colorado. With Host Greg Garza.

Nomi Prins spells it out: Wall Street and the White House, an old and increasingly toxic relationship.  PLUS David Carle (“Introduction to California Water”) tells us about the drought, and the emergency measures announced this week.  AND the International Buddhist Film Festival starts next week.  With host Kris Welch.

Former Iranian Ambassador: Historic Nuclear Deal has Prevented a New War in the Middle East; George Takei: LGBT Protections Still Needed Despite Amended Indiana, Arkansas Religious Freedom Laws; Star Trek’s George Takei on Leonard Nimoy: He Represented the Best of an Inclusive American Society; 147 Killed at Kenyan University, Deadliest Al-Shabab Attack Since Kenya’s 2011 Invasion of Somalia.   … Continued

Lunar Eclipse Easter Radio: Let war be eclipsed by cooperation with Nature’s guiding symmetrical ingenuity. Caroline hosts long-time ally Green Permaculture-Distillation Wizard David Blume: “house your friends and feed enemies.” (We will delineate.) “David Blume, researcher, author, farmer and alcohol fuel pioneer first began to work on the puzzle of how to broadly … Continued