With David Moore, professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire and Founding Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. Former senior editor of the Gallup Poll, where he worked for thirteen years. Associate editor of the new online journal Survey Practice, sponsored by the American Association for Public Opinion Research. He is … Continued

Former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin on Running Against Sanders in ’86 & Endorsing Clinton in ’16; Ex-NAACP Head Ben Jealous: Sanders is Most Consistent Candidate Tackling Racism, Militarism & Greed; Hillary Clinton & the “Mass Incarceration Machine”: A Debate on Her Support of 1994 Crime Bill; Bernie Hasn’t Changed His Tune: Ex-Vermont Gov. Says Sanders’ … Continued

Trump Leads GOP Charge Embracing Torture: “I’d Bring Back a Hell of a Lot Worse Than Waterboarding”; Another Bush, Another Preemptive War? Jeb Supports U.S. Military Strikes Against North Korea; Real Estate Magnate Trump Defends Using Eminent Domain to Seize Homes for Private Development; Trump Calls Police “Absolutely Mistreated”; Kasich Backs Collaboration Between Communities & … Continued