we discuss Mumia Abu-Jamal’s new book Murder Incorporated: Empire, Genocide, and Manifest Destiny: Dreaming of Empire. This book strives to set the record straight, to educate, to enlighten and to enliven the people against the corruptions of empire—corruptions that stretch from Columbus’s first steps on Hispaniola through yesterday’s murderous drone attack. The prevailing myth is that … Continued

Project Censored

Project Censored – May 11, 2018

The News That Didn’t Make the News. Each week, co-hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips conduct in depth interviews with their guests and offer hard hitting commentary on the key political, social, and economic issues of the day with an emphasis on critical media literacy.

Economic Update

Capitalism Provokes Workers

Updates on Univ of California workers’ strikes, privatizing fire departments, big money buys academia, fast-food workers unionize, the capitalism-loneliness-scapegoating links, Hillary Clinton pro-capitalist/anti-socialist, VW CEO is not the problem: system is. Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on capitalism’s destruction of the family and “family values”.

This show features premiums offered as thank you gifts for your generous donation to support our work on UpFront and at KPFA Radio. Go to kpfa.org or call 1-800-HEY-KPFA or 1-800-439-5732 to pledge. 7:00 – Laura McLively author of the book, The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by the Extraordinary Produce of California’s Most Iconic Market. McLively’s enthusiastic debut showcases recipes featuring … Continued

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