The Community of Grace: Markaya’s Audio Journal

Our project about the Community of Grace was to center the point of view of people who are unhoused, so we asked resident Markaya to keep an audio journal of her thoughts. This is what she had to say.  Produced and edited by Lucy Kang TRANSCRIPT Most people’s perception of the people out here perception … Continued

The Community of Grace

We are proud to premier the radio documentary “Community of Grace.” All across this country, and the world, homelessness is on the rise. KPFA reporter Lucy Kang spent months speaking with residents of the Community of Grace, an unhoused community in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood. This long-form audio documentary reveals the devastating circumstances many unhoused Oakland residents face and the incredible ingenuity with which their communities are surviving.

KPFA celebrates the 100th birthday of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet and founder of City Lights Booksellers and Publishers, with an hour-long special broadcast of a documentary featuring Ferlinghetti “Lawrence Ferlinghetti: San Francisco Locations”, Produced by Jim McKee of Earwax Productions, Inc.: San Francisco luminary and famed poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti takes listeners on a freewheeling tour of … Continued

Special Programming

International Women’s Day 2019 (Hour 18) – Bonni Live!

Women, entrenched in making thought-provoking music throughout centuries, provide inspiration, strength and guidance. Bonni Maxwell, originating from Detroit and now a mainstay in the San Francisco Bay Area, has forged a solid career with contemporary, soulful renditions about social justice, politics, love and life. Rhythm & Blues/Soul singer Bonni joins us during the final hour … Continued

Special Programming

International Women’s Day 2019 (Hour 13) – KPFA Weekend News; Plus: Syria, Art and Collective Memory with Dima Nachawi

6 PM – Pacifica Evening News with Sharon Sabotta 6:30 – Syria, Art, and Collective Memory: An interview with artist Dima Nachawi KPFA’s Mira Nabulsi interviews Syrian artist Dima Nashawi. Dima is an illustrator, clown and the founder of Memory Initiative for Syrian Culture (MISC). She is based in Beirut, Lebanon. Her illustrations portray stories from … Continued

Special Programming

International Women’s Day 2019 (Hour 12) – KPFA, the X Factor; Plus: Resurgent Cultures of Consent

5 PM – KPFA, The X Factor – 2019 Prison reform activist Doris Mangrum speaks with Jeannine Etter, Aileen Alfandary & Avotcha Jiltonilro about their experiences in media & at KPFA. Produced by Mickey Mayez 5:30 – Resurgent Cultures of Consent featuring Anjali Nath Upadhyay and Dr. Sarah Hunt Host and long-time educator Anjali Nath … Continued