Comprehensive coverage of the day’s news with a focus on war and peace; social, environmental and economic justice. Senate Republican delays vote on $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill, American Rescue Plan. House approves sweeping voting rights bill to expand voting access and protections. Deb Haaland, Department of Interior Secretary nominee advances to full senate. House … Continued

The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – Listening to the Ocean Chorus

Convening with long-time ally, Michael Stocker, scientist, Marine acoustician, jazz musician – dedicated to all true chorusing on this planet. He has written and spoken about marine bio-acoustics and the impacts ocean noise pollution on marine life since 1992, presenting in national and regional hearings, national and international television, radio and news publications, and museums, … Continued

Guest: Eric Rauchway is a distinguished historian and expert on the Progressive and New Deal eras at the University of California, Davis. He is the author of several acclaimed books on the subject, including The Money Makers, The Great Depression and the New Deal, and his latest, Winter War: Hoover, Roosevelt, and the First Clash Over the … Continued

0:08 – Fund Drive Special: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Hip-Hop History Jeff Chang has written extensively on culture, politics, the arts, and music. His books include Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Who We Be, and We Gon’ Be Alright. Davey D Cook is hip hop historian, adjunct professor at San Francisco State, host of KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio, … Continued

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