Bay Native Circle

Bay Native Circle – November 28, 2007

A new radio comedy series, Super Indian, recorded live for a studio audience. After eating tainted commodity cheese, a young Hubert Logan discovers he has amazing powers that transform him into Super Indian! With his trusty sidekick Mega Bear, Super Indian uses these newfound powers to foil evil on the Leaning Oak Reservation. Written by … Continued

Africa Today

Africa Today – November 12, 2007

Interview with representatives of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Covering the history of the New Afrikan Peoples Organization, History of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Political Prisoners, organizing New Afrikan youth, Hip Hop culture. With Dr. Akinyele Umoja, founding member Malcolm X Grassroots Organization, Javad Jahi and Akua Jackson-Malcolm X Grassroots

Special Broadcast

KPFA Special Broadcast – November 9, 2007

FCC: The Battle In Seattle (Part 1) Seattle’s ready for the FCC, but is the FCC ready for Seattle? The Federal Communications Commission has scheduled its final public hearing on media ownership in one of the strongholds of the media democracy movement. The hearing will clear the way for the FCC to make dramatic increases … Continued

Act One Radio Drama

Act One Radio Drama – October 14, 2007

this episode is no longer available

Act One: Moving Bodies by Arthur Giron.Starring: Alfred Molina, Joe Spano, Jill Gascoine, Harry Groener, Kathryn Hahn, Arye Gross and Raphael SbargeA chronicle of the life of the brilliant, Nobel Prize-winning scientist and mathematician Richard Feynman, who early in his career worked on the development of the atomic bomb. We see how family, love, and … Continued