In this episode, we spoke with someone in Siskiyou Rising Tide, about the long-term struggle which defeated the Jordan Cove Pipeline, a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in the Pacific Northwest which was declared dead in the water several months ago, when the Calgary based company Pembina pulled out of the project. The fight against … Continued

It’s Going Down speaks with two members of the Punch Up collective, who discuss the realities of the far-Right “convoy” protests which have laid siege to the streets of Ottawa, the capitol city of Canada. We talk about the history of the far-Right leaders of the protests, their relationship to the Conservative Party of Canada, … Continued

On today’s episode, we speak with Lexis Figuereo of Saratoga Springs Black Lives Matter in New York. We talk about how the George Floyd movement exploded on the streets there, how an occupation outside of a local police station was set for over a week, and how police directly targeted local BLM leaders with targeted … Continued

Southern California journalist Cerise Castle speaks on how she wrote an extensive history of organized gangs within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. From groups that embrace neo-Nazi symbolism to gangs where participants have to kill someone in order to join, here’s a crash course into the violent and bloody world of gangs within local law … Continued

On this episode, It’s Going Down speaks with the Sugarbush Crew, a group of Native land defenders who are part of an ongoing struggle to stop the construction of a massive lithium mine, which threatens to desecrate a sacred site known as Peehee Muh’ha, or Thacker Pass. We talk about the ongoing struggle, how the … Continued