On today’s episode, we speak with two members of Oakland Abolition and Solidarity, an abolitionist organization based in the bay area of California that is involved in supporting prisoner led organizing in jails and prisons. We discuss the recent call from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak for national ‘Shut’Em Down’ demonstrations, the impact and role of the … Continued

It’s Going Down hosts discuss the Right’s latest AstroTurf and fear-mongering campaign around ‘Critical Race Theory,’ and how a collection of think-tanks, Fox News hosts, and Republican politicians, are revamping old conspiracy theories to advance attacks on academic freedom, civil rights, and free speech. At the same time, key sections of the GOP are doubling … Continued

On It’s Going Down, we speak with Chuck Tanner of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR) about the People’s Rights Network, a collection of far-Right activists led by Ammon Bundy, famous for participating in armed standoffs in various states. Currently, Bundy is pushing for more water access to ranchers hit hard … Continued

On today’s episode of it’s Going Down, we speak with SA Smythe, who is “a statewide coordinating committee member of the faculty wing of California Cops Off Campus (UCFTP) and organizes with students and other comrades in the broader Cops Off Campus Coalition and other abolitionist/anti-carceral groups across Turtle Island and in Europe.” We discuss … Continued