On this episode we speak with longtime anarchist Scott Branson, author of the new book, Practical Anarchism. We discuss print media, culture, DIY music subcultures, and the need for radical autonomous movements to create points of encounter to bring new people into movements outside of street protests and rebellions. photo: WikiCommons – CC BY-SA 2.0

On this episode, we speak with independent journalist Vishal P. Singh about the continued wave of attacks and online threats directed against trans people by Donald Trump. We also talk about far-Right trolls targeting Vishal for their ongoing reporting, far-Right groups under Biden, and much more. We also hear a new audio selection from CrimethInc. … Continued

On today’s show, It’s Going Down speaks with author Ben Case about their new book, Street Rebellion: Beyond Violence and Non-Violence. Case argues that far from adhering to strict doctrines, robust and emerging social movements embrace a holistic and nuanced approach to rebellion that exists outside the rubrics of both pacifism and armed struggle. photo: … Continued

On this episode, we speak with a supporter of Alex Stokes, and community organizer and journalist who was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison for defending counter-protesters from Proud Boys at a “Stop the Steal” rally at the New York state capitol. We discuss the case and how people are working to support Stokes. … Continued

Victoria Law joins It’s Going Down to discuss their new book, “Prisons Make Us Safer: And 20 Other Myths of Mass Incarceration.” We discuss the myths brought up in Law’s new book, prisoner resistance in an age of COVID-19, how the struggles of women and trans prisoners are often overlooked and under-reported, and how the … Continued

In this episode, we speak with journalist Dell Cameron, about how Trump’s DHS in the hot summer of 2020, attempted to manufacture a non-existent terror network led by ‘ANTIFA.’ Guided by far-Right conspiracies and Trump’s tweets, DHS officials set to work violating the rights of protesters and flooding the streets of Portland with federal troops, … Continued