It’s Going Down presents the second installment of their discussion with autonomous organizers across Texas who talk about mutual aid responses in the wake of the so-called “deep freeze” brought on by recent storms. We talk about mutual aid projects, rent strikes and tenant organizing, and key lessons learned by organizers on the ground. photo: … Continued

On this episode, It’s Going Down speaks with two hosts and producers of Rebel Steps, an anarchist podcast show based out of New York. We discuss key lessons from 2020, and look back on the pandemic, mutual aid and tenant organizing, the George Floyd rebellion, building infrastructure, and much more. photo: Aleksandr Rogozin via Unsplash

It’s Going Down speaks with organizers with the Lobelia Commons in New Orleans, an autonomous gardening project is working to build community survival programs around food and farming infrastructure. They are also working to create an anti-capitalist version of The Farmers Almanac for distribution to the wider public. We discuss these projects and also overcoming … Continued

On today’s show, we speak with long-time anarchist author and organizer Peter Gelderloos, about the close of the Trump regime and the coming to power of the neoliberal center and what this means for social movements in the streets, working people facing the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic fallout, and the possibilities for a crackdown … Continued