On this episode of It’s Going Down, we’re joined by an organizer from Modesto, who speaks about an upcoming counter-mobilization against the 4th annual “Straight Pride” hate rally, which brings together Christians nationalists, far-Right street gangs likes the Proud Boys, and local militias, all under a white nationalist banner. We then unpack and analyze the … Continued

In this episode we speak with Michael Laufer from the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective about biohacking medicine for the people in an age where many lack access and things like abortion are criminalized. We then speak to a participant in the ongoing fight to to stop the construction of Cop City in Atlanta, a counter-insurgency … Continued

On this episode, we speak with Minerva, a full-spectrum mid-wife, herbalist, and abolitionist about the struggles ahead now that Roe v Wade has been overturned. IGD hosts then discuss the ongoing J6 hearings in DC and just how close we came to seeing a violent, bloody coup actually play out. Hush Naidoo Jade Photography: via … Continued

On today’s show, IGD hosts discuss the recent horrific police murder of Jayland Walker in Akron, Ohio, which has kicked off a wave of protests which has been met by police repression, curfews, and draconian arrests from authorities. We also discuss a recent Washington Post article that details the growing housing crisis and its link … Continued

On this episode of It’s Going Down, IGD hosts are joined by anarchist author and theorist Lee and they discuss the political and social implications of the recent supreme court decision that brought down Roe v Wade, the growing protest movement in the streets, and how we could build capacity beyond just marching in the … Continued

On this encore presentation of It’s Going Down, we speak with three residents of the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, a trans anarchist homestead, and talk about the release of the upcoming documentary film, Tenacious, and how people living on the ranch mobilized over the past year against threats from the far-Right. We also discuss homesteading in an … Continued

On this episode of the It’s Going Down, long time abortion rights activist Suzy Subways and historian Spencer Beswick discuss how anarchist formations in the 1990s helped defend abortion clinics from the rise of far-Right anti-abortion groups like Operation Rescue and what lessons these struggles leave the current battle for reproductive freedom and autonomy. photo: … Continued