Used Equipment for Sale

KPFA is clearing out its studios of equipment it no longer needs and we are selling them to support our Music Engineering Training Programs. We bought these items new, are the original owners, and used them in smoke free studios. Below is a list of equipment with prices and pictures of the notable items: Soundcraft … Continued

Pacifica Radio Archives One Day Fund Drive Tuesday, April 26th

Pacifica Radio opened its airwaves to some of the most important people of our time from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to Bob Dylan to James Baldwin to Lorraine Hansberry to Noam Chomsky to Maya Angelou to Alice Walker to Akira Kurosawa to Angela Davis to Leonard Cohen to Langston Hughes. Most importantly we opened … Continued

International Women’s Day 2022 Special Broadcast

KPFA will be celebrating International Women’s Day in 2022 with a 24-hr special broadcast that kicks off at midnight on March 13th and goes until midnight on March 14th. For a detailed list of programing, times, and hosts go here or check the video below!

On the Deck, KPFA Announcements for March 2022

Welcome to On the Deck, your monthly roundup for news and events at KPFA! KPFA celebrates International Women’s Day with a 24-hr special broadcast on March 13th. There will be a live Zoom Event with Authors Tony Messenger and Lucy Kang on March 24. Tickets available on Eventbrite. Program updates around the station. Josh Elwood … Continued

Black Is!: Black History Month Marathon and Celebration on KPFA

Join us on KPFA starting at 6 AM for a Black History Month marathon and celebration lasting until 6 PM! 6 AM, Walter Turner interviews Dr. Rinoko Rashidi, KPFA. Dr. Rinoko Rashidi discusses a bit about Black History Month, great Black thinkers, and the Black presence in Europe. 6:30 AM Jeannine Etter KPFA, interviews Dr. … Continued

On the Deck, KPFA Announcements for February 2022

KPFA celebrates Black History Month with a special all day broadcast on February 21st. Then mark your calendars for February 26th, as the “The Dead To The World” Grateful Dead Radio Marathon hits the airwaves with amazing music and special guests. New program changes will also happen throughout the month and our Winter Fund Drive … Continued

Welcome to On the Deck, KPFA Announcements for January 2022

This January 2022 KPFA begins a new year and has some administrative changes. Bob Baldock is retiring as Events Director and will be replaced by Kevin Hunsanger. Antonio Ortiz is now Director of Operations and will take on some Program Director tasks, while Laura Prives transitions to be KPFA’s Fund Drive Manager. Ray Edlund is … Continued

Bay Area COVID-19 Vaccination Guide

The coronavirus pandemic has raged for well over a year, and we are now faced with yet another variant and flu season. The good news is that across California, more and more people are getting vaccinated – currently now over 76% have gotten at least one dose. Still, on average over the past 8 weeks, … Continued

Featured Non-Profits during our Spring Fund Drive

KPFA takes its responsibility seriously to stay on the air AND to help our community. During this Spring Drive not only are you supporting KPFA, you’re also helping a small group of non-profits in our community through this crisis. Choose one of these non-profits when you donate and 10% of your donation will be passed … Continued

Best of KPFA, May 3rd – 9th

With KPFA about to launch into our Spring fund drive and our reporters knee-deep in coverage of the coronavirus crisis, we want to go back and highlight some of the awesome shows that you may have missed last week. Chris Smalls, former Amazon warehouse worker, talks about organizing for May Day labor actions. Watch the … Continued