Making Contact

Making Contact – January 7, 2005

Who Owns Our Water?Profits vs. Public Interest Water is essential to survival. Yet access to fresh, clean water has increasingly come under the control of private corporations, making it less affordable and harder to come by. On this edition, we’ll take a look at water as a basic human right. We’ll hear about a plan … Continued


Explorations – January 4, 2005

Robert Ehrlich, author of Eight Preposterous Propositions: From the Genetics of Homosexuality to the Benefits of Global Warming. Also, the top 10 space travel stories of 2004, including the future of space tourism; Cassini’s mission to Saturn; The future of “Star Wars”; extra-solar planets, black holes, asteroids, and the possibility of discovering life on other … Continued

The Morning Show

The Morning Show – January 3, 2005

7:00 amUkrainian Elections. Aurel Braun, Professor of Political Scienceand International Relations at the University of Toronto. 7:30 am Christina Desser, and Mark Shapiro contributors to the anthology, Living With the Genie: Essays on Technology and the Quest for Human Mastery. 8:00 am An Astronomical News Roundup, new galaxies discovered, near-Earth asteroid, with Neil deGrasse Tyson … Continued

APEX Express

APEX Express – December 30, 2004

We’ll hear about what’s happening in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India; three out of the many countries devasted by the earthquake and tidal waves that hit Asia. Learn about relief efforts as well as the complex dividing lines in these countries that make relief and recovery complicated. Hear about MC and producer Lyrics Born – … Continued