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Democracy Now! (9 am) – September 1, 2008

Nearly Two Million Flee Gulf Coast as Hurricane Gustav Approaches; Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" Weighs in on Sarah Palin, Hurricane Gustav and the Media’s Coverage of the Conventions; St. Paul Police Conduct Mass Preemptive Raids Ahead of Republican Convention; Vietnam Veterans for Peace Demonstrate Against Fellow Vet John McCain; Three Years After Katrina, New Orleans Levee System Still Vulnerable; As Hurricane Gustav Approaches, Blackwater Seeks Personnel to Deploy to Gulf Coast; After Being Detained in Preemptive House Raid, Democracy Now!’s Elizabeth Press Files Report on Police Crackdown in St. Paul; "It’s a Chance for [Republicans] to Make Some Gesture About Katrina" – David Brooks Reacts to Hurricane Gustav and the RNC; In Surprise Move, McCain Taps Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as Running Mate.


    * Two Million Evacuate Gulf Ahead of Hurricane Gustav
    * McCain Taps Alaskan Governor to be Running Mate
    * Christian Right Praises McCain’s Selection of Palin
    * FBI & St. Paul Police Carry Out “Preemptive” House Raids
    * Bush Seeks New Congressional War on Terror Declaration
    * Pakistan Declares Ceasefire with Taliban Militants
    * Free Gaza Actvists Return to Cyprus
    * Report: Percentage of Unionized Workers Increases
    * Bush Considers Forcing Anti-Union Effort on Gov’t Contractors
    * More Headlines…


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