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Healthy Communication, Healthy Children: Stories from Family HEART Camp

Talk It Out Radio host Timothy Regan welcomes Gregory Rouillard, founder and leader of Family HEART Camp, a place where adults and children come together to learn relationship and communication skills in a unique community experience of Nonviolent Communication. We explore key principles of authentic and compassionate communication for the well-being of our children and … Continued

Talk-It-Out Radio

Practicing the Assertive and Active Force of Love: Living MLK Jr.’s Vision of “Beloved Community”

  This week we honor one of the greatest American philosophers, communicators and leaders of our country’s history. This Sunday evening, we invite you on a journey with us into practicing the assertive and active force of love, as taught and lived by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We welcome Kazu Haga, Coordinator and Trainer … Continued

Join us for the premier of Talk It Out Radio on KPFA this Sunday January 8th from 7-8pm. Talk it out Radio is dedicated to sharing the importance of mindfulness and nonviolent communication (NVC) and provides skills for effective and meaningful communication. This Sunday, meet our hosts, NVC and Buddhist practitioners Marlena Willis, Nancy Kahn … Continued