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Crisis at Pacifica – How Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication Might Help

KPFA is in crisis. A judgment of $1.8 million against our sister station in New York, WBAI, and the Pacifica Foundation has created the possibility that the assets of all Pacifica stations, the buildings and their signals, will be seized. The Pacifica National Board continues to struggle with conflicts that have kept it from taking action as efficiently as many would like to protect KPFA’s assets and keep the station on the air. There have been three shows in the last week about this on A Rude Awakening, Upfront, and Full Circle, filling in our listeners on the details. Talk It Out Radio host Marlena Willis and co-host Timothy Regan share how the tools of mindfulness meditation and Nonviolent Communication might contribute to more ease in finding agreement among board members and thus a greater likelihood that our station can be saved. In the second half of the show we welcome callers to share not so much their opinions but their feelings in relation to this crisis.

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