Hear Parents of African-American Students studying Chinese talk about sending their children to Mandarin bilingual programs. They also address a new public Mandarin Bilingual school enrolling students now in Richmond.  Then hear a parent organizer talk about organizing tens of thousands of parents in New Jersey to defeat Governor Chris Christie’s destructive policies toward public … Continued

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Education Today – Oakland School District Budget Crisis & Longer Term School Closure Plan March 24, 2017

First Host Kitty Kelly Epstein is joined by Oakland School Board Member Shanthi Gonzales to discuss the Oakland School District’s urgent budget crisis and then they get into some discussion around the long term plan the school board seems to have adopted to close or consolidate more schools. Shanthi Gonzales is the school board member … Continued

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Education Today -Professor Natasha Hakimali Merchant-The Experience of Muslim and Refugee Students in the U.S. February 10, 2017

How do Muslim students and refugee students experience school in the U.S.?   What should U.S. students  be learning about majority-Muslim countries?  What classroom practices help young people learn from each other without bias and stereotypes?   We talk with Professor Natasha Hakimali Merchant about her research into these important topics.

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Education Today -Relations Between Young People and Police & Communities Not Allowed To Elect Their School Board January 27, 2017

Host Kitty Kelly Epstein looks at the dynamics and relationship between young people, people of color and the police. Joining the show is a Latina scholar and police officer who shares some of her research and perspective. Then the second segment is looking at black,brown,asian and other communities who are not allowed to elect their … Continued