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Education Today – June 22, 2018

Kitty talks with eminent scholar, Dr. Orlando Taylor, about issues in Black psychology as a lead-up to the 50th anniversary conference of the Association of Black Psychologists taking place in Oakland June 27.   The Association’s members have led the way on such important issues as IQ testing, disproportionate Special Ed. placements, and Ebonics. Then Kitty … Continued

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Education Today – June 8, 2018

Keith Brown, the newly elected president of the Oakland Education Association, talks with Kitty Kelly Epstein about his perspective and his work.  Keith is a lifelong Oakland resident, a graduate of Oakland Public Schools, and an enthusiastic teacher.    His mother was an active parent, and he brings a thoroughly Oakland perspective to the position.  … Continued

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Education Today – April 27, 2018

So much is happening in the world of education.  Today we hear from a grassroots Oakland teacher about the organizing to keep an iconic West Oakland school in public hands.    And then we hear from a Chicago teacher who has created two dynamic curriculums – one that uses the movie  “Black Panther” as its … Continued

On Education Today, Kitty Kelly Epstein is in conversation with Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings. She is an educational hero. She worked as a classroom teacher in Philadelphia; earned a doctorate at Stanford; and was elected to the Presidency of the American Educational Research Association, the largest research organization in the world. Education Today is a radio show … Continued

Oakland has become the first district in the country to have a full Department of Equity.  Its latest addition is the Office of Latino Student Achievement, directed by organizer, educator, and scholar, Raquel Jimenez.  She talks about the vision and the activities of this effort, including recruiting Latino teachers, engaging Latino students and parents, and making … Continued

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Education Today – January 26, 2018

Innovations in thought and action:  A scholar critiques a new study proposing higher requirements for early childhood educators.  She argues that it decreases community connections and diversity. (   And a Bay Area educational leader shares fascinating innovations from a social-justice oriented high school. (