According to Hadar Aviram, the death penalty, life without the possibility of parole, and life with parole converged into a virtually indistinguishable regime of extreme punishment in California. She describes the roles played by the Manson family murder cases and the politicization of the parole process in the shift toward interminable incarceration. Hadar Aviram, Yesterday’s Monsters: The … Continued

The untimely death of David Graeber, anthropologist, anarchist, and one of the initiators of Occupy Wall Street, has left an immeasurable void on the radical left. His friend and collaborator Andrej Grubacic reflects on Graeber’s wide-ranging contributions, from the long history of debt and class society, to the fundamental importance of generosity, care and play … Continued

Healthcare under capitalism often involves expensive visits to trained professionals. What would a system of peer-to-peer caregiving outside the cash nexus look like? Inspired by models developed in Greek solidarity clinics, Cassie Thornton has devised a radical new approach, one that involves three people focusing on the physical, mental, and social health of a fourth … Continued

There was plenty of labor militancy in the U.S. in the early 20th century. Much of that militancy was met with violence; workers were brutalized and sometimes murdered for organizing to demand fair wages and decent working conditions. These sometimes life-and-death struggles were enshrined in song. Mat Callahan talks about the tunes he and Yvonne Moore … Continued

There is abundant evidence that the Trump administration has grossly botched the handling of the Covid pandemic. But, unfortunately, such mismanagement is not limited to the most obvious offenders. Public health expert Michael Fine discusses the mishandling of the coronavirus, from the White House to the World Health Organization to the CDC and to the … Continued