From radium poisoning to lead in gasoline, from cigarettes to global warming, corporations have responded to revelations of grave harm with denial and concealment. As environmental lawyer Barbara Freese notes, a familiar pattern emerges of blaming victims, refuting evidence, alleging witch-hunts, and attacking the motives of their critics. She discusses the long history of corporate … Continued

Against the Grain

Resisting Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the most ubiquitous of American brands, the symbol of American capitalism and culture internationally, for better and for worse. It’s been a stand-in for American modernity and a lightening rod for global opposition to US corporate and cultural hegemony. Amanda Ciafone discusses the material and immaterial products of Coca-Cola — and the resistance … Continued

What does it mean to be committed to nonviolence, in one’s activism and everyday life? Kazu Haga reveals that Kingian Nonviolence is a principled way of life, one that actively confronts violence and injustice, restores relationships, and helps create what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called Beloved Community. (Encore presentation.) Kazu Haga, Healing Resistance: A Radically … Continued

In the eyes of the Marxist thinker Rosa Luxemburg, the mass strike lay at the center of revolutionary strategy. What did Antonio Gramsci, another important radical theorist, think of the mass strike, and of revolution? Daniel Egan argues that Luxemburg’s theory of the mass strike is consistent with Gramsci’s emphasis on protracted struggle. (Encore presentation.) Socialism … Continued