Against the Grain


We’re told that the police are imperfect, but if we make the right reforms, the bad apples will be weeded out and aggressive behavior no longer tolerated. But, as David Correia argues, what if the police are not reformable? (Encore presentation.) Resources: David Correia and Tyler Wall, Police: A Field Guide Verso, 2018

Highlights of some of the best commentary presented on Against the Grain in 2018, featuring Vijay Prashad on investment strikes; Priya Satia on the Industrial Revolution; Michael Hardt and Paul Christopher Gray on social-change strategies; Raka Ray on colonialism and gender; Victor Wallis on energy consumption; and Osagie Obasogie on race-specific medicine.    

Conversations about theater, life, and politics with the playwright and solo performer Nilaja Sun; Tom Ross, artistic director of Aurora Theatre Company; actors Emily Jeanne Brown and Jackie Chung; San Francisco Mime Troupe veteran Michael Gene Sullivan; theatre arts professor and director Darryl V. Jones; Gregory Dawson, artistic director of dawsondancesf; and L. Peter Callender, … Continued