What is anarchism? Many have discovered that it’s not about breaking windows or planting bombs, but what are anarchism’s core tenets, and what has anarchism looked like in practice? Dana Ward considers anarchist theory, history, and practice. Anarchy Archives, an online research center Dana Ward and Paul Messersmith-Glavin, “Why Anarchism is Dangerous” Agency The Institute … Continued

How did the sixties unfold in Europe? Was it primarily a set of political rebellions? How did revolutionary movements in Western Europe compare with those in the Eastern bloc? Timothy Scott Brown talks about the desires, inclinations, and innovations of sixties radicals. Timothy Scott Brown, Sixties Europe Cambridge University Press, 2020 Timothy Scott Brown, West Germany and the Global Sixties: … Continued

How does colorism differ from anti-Black racism? What happens when a person of color’s skin shade doesn’t match ethnic or racial stereotypes? In what ways do women experience skin-color bias differently than men? Nikki Khanna discusses the nature and impact of skin-color discrimination and privilege, both globally and as experienced by Asian American women. Nikki Khanna, ed., Whiter: … Continued

Donald Trump infamously targeted immigrants — and many rejoiced when he left office.  But, as historian Elliott Young points out, the criminalization of immigrants has been a bipartisan affair, going back 140 years.  He discusses the intersection of mass incarceration and the detention of immigrants. Resources: Elliott Young, Forever Prisoners: How the United States Made … Continued