What should socialists and other leftists do vis-a-vis the 2020 presidential elections? Should they stay on the sidelines, or throw themselves into the anti-Trump coalition? Max Elbaum contends that, given Trumpism’s relentless drive toward racist authoritarian rule, the left’s prospects would be significantly better if Biden prevails. Max Elbaum, “Socialist Strategy and the Biden Debate” … Continued

How does colorism differ from anti-Black racism? What happens when a person of color’s skin shade doesn’t match ethnic or racial stereotypes? In what ways do women experience skin-color bias differently than men? Nikki Khanna discusses the nature and impact of skin-color discrimination and privilege, both globally and as experienced by Asian American women. Nikki … Continued

What role did slavery play in the story of U.S. capitalism? Does the fact that slavery wasn’t rooted in wage labor mean that it wasn’t a form of capitalist practice? Caitlin Rosenthal offers a definition of capitalism and shares her understanding of how commodification, and the power to impose it, operated under slavery. (Encore presentation.) Caitlin … Continued

What do college athletes, prison laborers, welfare recipients, and graduate students in the sciences have in common? According to sociologist Erin Hatton, they’re all workers who face a particular form of coercion. She discusses what these workers’ circumstances tell us about work under contemporary capitalism. She’ll also consider the situation of prisoners pressured into dangerous … Continued

Excavating alternative and radical histories of San Francisco is Chris Carlsson’s specialty. He talks about the city’s role in the Underground Railroad; the enslavement of Native Americans; the 1966 Hunters Points uprising; the San Francisco Diggers; the Freeway Revolt; and more. Chris Carlsson, Hidden San Francisco: A Guide to Lost Landscapes, Unsung Heroes and Radical … Continued