Is policing in the U.S. primarily about catching criminals, maintaining order, or brutalizing African Americans? Ben Brucato locates the origins of U.S. police in the early slave patrols, patrols whose mandate was to uphold white racial domination over Blacks. He argues that the institutions of police and of race were created in tandem. Social Justice … Continued

Donald Trump infamously targeted immigrants — and many rejoiced when he left office. But, as historian Elliott Young points out, the criminalization of immigrants has been a bipartisan affair, going back 140 years. He discusses the intersection of mass incarceration and the detention of immigrants. Resources: Elliott Young, Forever Prisoners: How the United States Made … Continued

What happens when socialist struggle intersects with struggles for national liberation? What role did Marxist theory play in anticolonial movements? Are movements that target hierarchies other than class properly considered Marxist? Vijay Prashad discusses the entwined traditions of Marxism and national liberation. “Dawn: Marxism and National Liberation”, a dossier of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research … Continued

Conversations with Joseph Levine about moving from orthodox Judaism to atheism and with Eric Keenaghan about Ralph Waldo Emerson are part of the twelve-interview Philosophy and the Good Life compilation. Louise Antony, ed., Philosophers without Gods: Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life Oxford University Press, 2010 Branka Arsic and Carey Wolfe, eds., The Other … Continued