On today’s show, the deteriorating Salton Sea in Southern CA has become a topic of interests in recent years due to the health hazard it has become.  I’ll speak to Fletcher Reveley on his latest piece in Undark.org entitled, “Scientists Warned of a Salton Sea Disaster. No One Listened” https://undark.org/2023/07/03/scientists-warned-of-a-salton-sea-disaster-no-one-listened/ @FletcherReveley @undarkmag   photo from … Continued

On today’s show, I’ll speak to Rise-Economy’s Jamie Buell and Kevin Stein about their latest report on the oil and gas industrial complex’s  collusion and grift of the COVID 19 Paycheck Protection Program with three of the top U.S. banks. Read more https://rise-economy.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Whose-Paycheck-Are-We-Protecting_The-Role-Banks-Played-in-Funding-Climate-Change-Through-the-PPP.pdf

On today’s show I’ll speak to Gabriel Manyangadze program manager for SAFCEI – South African Faith Communities Environment Institute about the rebranding of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Organization Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa and their upcoming summit of self-aggrandizement and lies being held in Tanzania.   U.S. Right to Know documents … Continued