On today’s show Tom Wheeler, Executive Director of EPIC (Environmental Protection Information Center) with an update on the Eagle Nest Tree  Read more https://www.wildcalifornia.org/post/eagle-nest-tree-saved-long-term-solutions-being-discussed Plus Ryan Schleeter, Communications Director of The Climate Center Read more https://theclimatecenter.org/clean-energy/6-billion-cut-from-climate-programs-in-california-state-budget-the-climate-center-response/

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Senior Analyst Timothy A. Wise is back with an update on the ban of GM corn in Mexico Distorting Markets in the Name of Free Trade Overestimating the costs of Mexico’s proposed phaseout of GM corn imports www.iatp.org/distorting-markets-name-free-trade Read more from Timothy A. Wise  www.timothyawise.com *due to technical issues that … Continued

On today’s show we’ll get an update from Woody Hastings Energy Program Manager for the Climate Center on solar compensation in the state of California New rules threaten to slow the growth of solar in California – The Climate Center response https://theclimatecenter.org/clean-energy/new-rules-threaten-to-slow-the-growth-of-solar-in-california-the-climate-center-response/ Then we’ll switch gears and speak to two Youth vs Apocalypse members on … Continued

Join me for a conversation with Nick Engelfried  on Movement Makers: How Young Activists Upended the Politics of Climate Change School strikes for the climate. A bold campaign for a Green New Deal. Fossil fuel divestment. Over the last few years, these and other youth-driven climate initiatives have grabbed the public’s attention and irrevocably altered the dialogue … Continued

On today’s show, we’ll get an update on Jackson Demonstration State Forest from Priscilla Hunter and Polly Girvin https://savejackson.org Then we’ll switch gears and speak to the Land and Water Officer for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Isabelle Verbeke on  WORLD SOIL DAY  December 5, 2022 https://www.fao.org/world-soil-day/en/ Places to support and … Continued

Global Forest Coalition’s contingent at COP27 in Sharma-el-Sheikh, Egypt discuss the corporatization of the conference and the need for mobilization to defend the Global South. Guests:  Executive Director of Global Forest Coalition – Simone Lovera, Director for African Region Global Forest Coalition – Kwami Kpondo, Global Forest Coalition Brazil – Maureen Santos