On today’s show, Earthjustice is waging a battle royale against the Port of Oakland’s expansion plans. I’ll speak to Earthjustice attorney Katrina Tomas on what is being done to stop the expansion and neurologist Dr. Bret Andrews on the health implications of the already existent pollution in the area. https://earthjustice.org/article/how-a-bay-area-community-is-fighting-port-pollution

On today’s show, big rally tomorrow in Novato to stop the Costco Mega Gas-station  from being built, I’ll speak to organizers Silke Valentine of 350Marin  + Zoe Jonick of 350BayArea to get details  Plus an excerpt from an interview I did with author and climate change communicator, Kylie Flanagan  on her latest publication on climate … Continued

On today’s show, the deteriorating Salton Sea in Southern CA has become a topic of interests in recent years due to the health hazard it has become.  I’ll speak to Fletcher Reveley on his latest piece in Undark.org entitled, “Scientists Warned of a Salton Sea Disaster. No One Listened” https://undark.org/2023/07/03/scientists-warned-of-a-salton-sea-disaster-no-one-listened/ @FletcherReveley @undarkmag   photo from … Continued