On today’s show, we speak with environmental and human-rights attorney, Steven Donziger, who has been placed on house arrest for over a year by a judge tied to the fossil fuel industry, after representing indigenous people in Ecuador fighting against life threatening pollution from Chevron. Also joining us is the associate director of Amazon Watch, … Continued

On today’s episode of A Rude Awakening, host Sabrina Jacobs speaks with Gary Hughes of Biofuel Watch about decolonization, the Mapuche struggle against neoliberalism and industrial resource extraction, and Chile’s constitutional reset after months of unrest. Hughes also speaks to what it means that the US is switching from the climate denialism of Trump to … Continued

On today’s program, we speak with two leaders of the Mycelium Youth Network, including the founder and director of the project, Lil Milagro Henriquez, and its educational director, Marylin Zuniga. About the group: Mycelium Youth Network (MYN) prepares youth in the East Bay Area — who are most vulnerable to and already feeling the effects … Continued