On today’s show, I’ll speak to Ben Frech the Public Relations Manager for the NGWA the National Groundwater Association on our current drought and water conservation Then I’ll play some audio from a recent webinar put on by AGRA Watch a grassroots, Seattle-based program of Community Alliance for Global Justice, that challenges the Bill and Melinda Gates … Continued

An in-depth look at community affairs on a local, national and international level, with interviews and commentary. Hosted by Sabrina Jacobs. On today’s show, I’ll speak to Ben Lilliston, Director of Rural Strategies and Climate Change at Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and their response to the IPCC report AND Oakland Institute Executive Director Anuradha … Continued

A weekly update on climate change and it’s effects on a local, national and international level, with interviews and commentary. Hosted by Sabrina Jacobs. This weeks guests are ChargerHelp Inc CEO Kameale C Terry. Kameale Terry’s company, ChargerHelp Inc., is building out an app that will facilitate on demand electric vehicle charging station maintenance. + I’ll … Continued

On today’s show, I’ll discuss the so-called techno fixes Bill Gates and his minions are pushing in Africa with the General Director for Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, Million Belay. Here’s Million Belay’s article in Scientific American:  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/bill-gates-should-stop-telling-africans-what-kind-of-agriculture-africans-need1/ Learn more afsafrica.org  

On Friday’s show I’ll be in conversation w/the senior advisor for Food and Water Watch Mark Schlosberg. We’ll run the gamut of what actions should be taken by the Biden administration and the on the state level the Newsom administration to squelch the fossil fuel industry’s grip on the world, water infrastructure and more. Then, … Continued

Perspective on the climate emergency from Austrian based journalist Bob Berwyn of Inside Climate News. This discussion includes important information on degrowth read more in Bob Berwyn’s article below. Then listen to my conversation with Oliver Munnion of the Global Forest Initiative on the push to stop the burning of biomass at Pego Power Station in Portugal Is … Continued