April 2004 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting minutes April 25th, 2004: Minutes Regular Session of the KPFA Local Station Board April 25, 2004 at the Humanist Hall, Oakland, CA Minutes were recorded by Mary Bishop, KPFA Administrative Assistant. All members were present and constituted a quorum: Jane Jackson, Miguel Molina, Max Pringle, Lisa Rothman, Gerald Sanders, Max … Continued

Making Contact

Making Contact – April 23, 2004

Deadly Extractions: Oil and Mining Interests in Africa When President Bush made a one-week tour of the African continent in early July 2003, the U.S. public heard a lot about human suffering and conflict there. The tragic AIDS epidemic and the toll of bloody wars are critical issues that should be examined in-depth. Yet, one … Continued

Democracy Now 9am (rebroadcast)

Democracy Now! (6 am) – April 21, 2004

"You Cannot Break the Human Spirit": Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Released After 18 Years Major Bomb Attacks Across Iraq; Leaked CPA Memo Warns of Civil War Supreme Court Grills Gov’t Over Guantanamo Bay Detentions Sen. Kennedy Blasts Wolfowitz For Giving "Disingenuous" Testimony on Iraq B-Boy in Baghdad: KPFK Producer Jerry Quickley On Alternative Media … Continued

The Morning Show

The Morning Show – April 20, 2004

7:00 amWorker’s Compensation with call-ins. Peggy Sugarman, former deputy chief administrative director of the division of worker’s compensation; Frank Russo, an Oakland attorney representing injured workers for 26 years; Small business owner Zoe Smith of Zoe’s Cookies in Richmond. 7:30 amMarch for Women’s Lives April 25th in Washington, DC. March for reproductive freedom and justice … Continued

Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits – April 18, 2004

The Marin County "Seniors for Peace": Its members have been demonstrating against the Iraq war for over a year. They have been gradually building a broader thrust to the protests to cover other issues. Pushing Limits looks at the disabled activists behind this nationally prominent protest icon, "Seniors for Peace".

Special Broadcast

– April 8, 2004

Tune in for Pacifica’s Live Coverage of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice’s testimony before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, hosted by Larry Bensky and Gail Sheehy. 5:30 – 10 a.m. PST Thursday April 8

Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – March 28, 2004

First Hour The September 11 Commission Hearings: What Do We Know Now? Larry Bensky, anchor of Pacifica’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of this week’s hearings in Washington, talks with Sam Smith, editor of the Washington based Progressive Review, and American University professor Clarence Lusane, author of a forthcoming book about Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell. (A survivor … Continued