Flashpoints – May 9, 2005

Independent of London reporter Patrick Cockburn reports from Baghdad on the killing of 75 Iraqis by US forces at the Syrian border; plus, a free-wheeling discussion with award-winning investigative reporter Robert Parry on CIA-linked drug trafficking and the cover-up of the October Surprise; and the Knight Report.

Full Circle

Full Circle – May 6, 2005

this episode is no longer available

Join us for Full Circle, this Friday, May 6th for the second part of our labor discussion. We will address local labor issues as well as workers’ situations in China and Nicaragua. Other issues covered include globalization, day laborers, and tenant rights. We will also share a commentary and a poem in honor of Mother’s … Continued


Flashpoints – May 6, 2005

On their Morning Edition show, NPR censors the killing of two Palestinian kids, we’ll have a follow-up report on the killings and look at the recent arrests of Pentagon officials releasing secret documents to American-Israeli lobby group AIPAC; also, the US military continues their torture cover-up with the dismissal of charges against Lynndie England; a … Continued

Race With History

Race with History – May 2, 2005

When the U.S. first faced the question of what role millions of free African-Americans should play in society, the news press was itself in transition. The popular "penny-press" was beginning to replace newspapers that were connected to political parties. The change would bring new standards to the news media. As journalism became a distinct profession, … Continued