The Morning Show

The Morning Show – March 22, 2005

7:00 amHousehold Dust. Beverly Thorpe, International Director of Clean Production Action and co-author of Sick of Dust 7:20 amInternational Feminist Movement report back; Christine Ahn, director of Peace and International Solidarity at the Women of Color Resource Center; Marilyn Fowler with the California Women’s Agenda. 7:30 amHealthcare for All: How Do We Attain That? Phil … Continued

Hard Knock Radio

Hard Knock Radio – March 16, 2005

this episode is no longer available

Mumia Abu Jamal on Women’s History Month; Hard Knock’s exclusive coverage of the Incite Conference: The Color of Violence III: Stopping the War On Women of Color.

Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – March 15, 2005

AWOL in America: Why Over 5,500 U.S. Soldiers Discharged Themselves The Pentagon has estimated that since the start of the current conflict in Iraq, more than 5,500 U.S. military personnel have deserted. We speak with journalist Kathy Dobie who wrote the cover story for this month’s issue of Harper’s magazine titled "AWOL in America: When … Continued


Flashpoints – March 11, 2005

Piece, Propaganda and the Promised Land , a brand new documentary on the US media coverage of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. We’ll feature an interview with the film maker and excerpts from the film; also, our weekly commentary with Roving Producer Miguel Molina. And Flashpoints En Español on the one year anniversary of the … Continued


Counterspin – March 11, 2005

Sure, Million Dollar Baby is just a movie, but given how rarely the media spotlight ever makes it around to people with disabilities, the movie is bound to shape public opinion and understanding. So the questions provoked by the film would seem to deserve more thoughtful, and inclusive, journalistic treatment than they’ve thus far received. … Continued

Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – March 11, 2005

A Day of Mourning: Spain Marks Anniversary of March 11 Madrid Train Bombings Across Spain today, people are marking the first anniversary of the March 11 Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people and left more than 1,800 wounded. We go to Madrid to speak with Democracy Now! correspondent, Maria Carrion. Juan Cole and Osama … Continued

Full Circle

Full Circle – March 4, 2005

this episode is no longer available

We will explore queer youth identity. How does queer identity intersect with racial identity in the activist community? The latest coverage on racism in the Castro. And in honor of international women’s month, the first segment in our honoring series. We honor labor and human rights activist, Lucy Parsons.


Counterspin – March 4, 2005

The U.S. has been rattling the saber at Syria for the last few years, and the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in mid-February has caused an escalation of US belligerence toward Syria-despite an apparent lack of evidence that Syria was involved in the killing. We’ll talk about coverage of Syria with Professor … Continued