Uprising with Sonali: Robert Jensen analyses breaking news of the day. Then, two days after Black Lives Matter activists confronted Bernie Sanders in Seattle, his campaign released an extensive racial justice platform. We’ll speak with journalist Imani Gandy. And, twenty years after the landmark El Monte raid of a sweatshop that was holding more than … Continued

Today on Flashpoints, we discuss Haiti’s long awaited parliamentary elections, which just wrapped up yesterday. Next we talks with an organizer of the boycott against Driscoll berries in response to the terrible working conditions in the field of Baja California. Then, we’ll take a look at controversy surrounding Bernie Sanders with the backlash he’s received … Continued

Ever since Bernie Sanders was confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters he has been talking about police violence and racial inequality in speeches. We talk to John Nichols about the current Presidential Campaign landscape. John Nichols is a political blogger and Washington Correspondent for the Nation Magazine. And Robert Roper, journalist and author of Nabokov in America: … Continued

Long-time political activist Ajamu Baraka on Sandra Bland’s arrest and death; Bernie Sanders; and Black Lives Matter. Last night the Texas Department of Public Safety released video of Sandra Bland’s arrest from a dashboard camera. And Christian Hageseth, author of the book Big Weed: An Entrepreneur’s High-Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business. About the … Continued

Democratic Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were interrupted by Black Lives Matter protests during the Netroots conference in Arizona. Excerpts from Sanders’ and O’Malley’s speeches, and an interview with Alicia Garza of the Black Lives Matter movement. And Johanna Fernandez on Mumia Abu-Jamal, his health, and writing. Fernandez is editor of Writing on … Continued

On this episode of Uprising with Sonali: Courtney Morris analyses breaking news of the day. Plus, Caroline Fredrickson, President of the American Constitution Society, details the myriad ways in which women are being hurt by the US economy. Her book is called Under the Bus: How Working Women Are Being Run Over. And, actor and … Continued

On Thursday, President Obama granted clemency to 46 prisoners, including 14 who faced life without parole. Many of the commutations went to crack offenders.  We speak to Cynthia Roseberry, director of the Clemency Project 2014, and Reynolds Wintersmith, who once faced life in prison for selling crack but was freed last year after receiving clemency. … Continued

Democracy Now 6am

Democracy Now – July 14, 2015

Could Historic Iran Nuclear Deal Transform the Middle East?;#ThisIsACoup: Greeks Denounce Bailout Deal That Calls for New Round of Austerity;The Austerity Candidate? Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Launches Presidential Bid on Anti-Union Record;”Something Big Is Happening”: John Nichols on Bernie Sanders’ Surge and Rising Power of Movements;”Another Chance at Life”: Man Granted Clemency Last Year Reacts … Continued