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Womens Magazine – October 26, 2015- Racism and Islamophobia in France

Over the last year uprisings against police violence have erupted around the U.S. spearheaded by victims of violence and their families and the newly organized Black Lives Matter, an organization lead almost entirely by Black women. Internationally women of color are also organizing against state violence. And this October 31st women of color in France are organizing a massive March for Dignity and Against Racism, in Paris, to demonstrate against police brutality and structural racism (in racial segregation, unemployment, the outlawing of the Islamic veil in schools, and daily humiliation). This March is being called on the 10th year anniversary of the 2005 uprisings in France’s racialized, working class suburbs sparked by the deaths of two adolescent boys of color escaping a stop and frisk. This Monday on KPFA Radio’s Women’s Magazine UC Berkeley Professor Paola Bacchetta talks about racism in France and also talks with Amal Bentounsi, the woman who brought together the collective of women of color organizing the March. They discuss the March, conditions of people of color in France and Amal Bentounsi’s personal experiences with police violence, racism and Islamophobia.France_Islamophobia_Protests-630x354

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