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Womens Magazine – November 28, 2016: Protecting Health Justice, the Environment and Ourselves in a Time of Crisis and Fear

Reproductive and women’s health rights are certain to be under attack under a Trump/Pence White House and Republican controlled Congress. As Republicans have come to dominate state houses across the country, California remains a bright spot, but many women still are unable to access the wide range of services that exist. ACCESS Women’s Health Justice and the National Network of Abortion Funds are among the organizations working to ensure that women can exercise their rights to have or not have children and receive the health care they choose. We speak with Layidua Salazar, board member of ACCESS Women’s Health Justice.

Buddhist teacher Arinna Weisman joins us to talk about how to keep our faith and remain active in increasingly scary times.  Arinna Weisman has  been a Vipassana Buddhism  teacher since 1989  and infuses her dharma with political and environmental activism. She has led insight meditation retreats for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender Queer community and is the founding teacher of Insight Meditation Center of the Pioneer Valley.  She is also  co-author of the book, A Beginner’s Guide to Insight Meditation.

Also, a tribute to feminist and labor activist and organizer, Jean Pauline.

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