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Abolition Feminism: Conversation with Angela Davis and Gina Dent

“The term Abolition Feminism has come into popular usage, especially within feminist circles in the past several years. What is it? What is its genealogy? Why is it important to frame the current debates about the prison industrial complex, the massive incarceration of, and the state violence perpetrated against Black and Brown people in the US? What does intersectional feminism have to do with it?” -Margo Okazawa-Rey

I am very pleased to broadcast a segment of the lecture by Angela Davis and Gina Dent who are leading among the leaders in the abolition feminism movement and were the Distinguished Guest Lecturers at the UCB Center for Race and Gender in October. The conversation was Moderated by Leti Volpp, Director of CRG.


Gina Dent and Angela Davis, in conversation with Leti Volpp, argue for the critical role that abolition feminism can play in creating a genuinely secure future for us all. I think abolition feminism must include abolishing the entire military system and values at the core of the US state.

For the full recording of the conversation with Angela Davis, Gina Dent, and Leti Volpp, go to UC Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender Media Archives on the web.


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