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Erasure of Lesbian Spaces and Culture

Today we talk to historian and author Bonnie Morris about her new book “The Disappearing L. Erasure of Lesbian Spaces and Culture”  just released by  SUNY Press.  In The Disappearing L Morris explores the rise and fall of the hugely popular women-only concerts, festivals, bookstores, and support spaces built by and for Lesbians in the era of women-identified activism.
And we talk to Lee Evans and Tara Shannon contributors to the new Lesbian literary and arts journal Sinister Wisdom’s Issue Celebrating the Michigan Women’s Music Festival.  And we also talk to Sinister Wisdom editor Julie R. Enszer about the newest issue which  honors the forty-year legacy of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (1976–2015).  Michfest was the embodiment of radical Feminist separatist collaboration, transformational self-defined autonomous spaces, a commitment to sisterhood and matriarchal culture, and a musical city sprung from the earth for one week in the woods each year.  

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