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The Space Between Us

Rainbow is a consultant, trainer, and mediator working with groups and individuals to heal what divides us. She learned much about human needs and interactions working in early childhood education for 36 years. Growing up as a fat child and as an adult walking in this world as a fat lesbian who does not alter her body, Rainbow has her own perspective on oppression.
With her Masters degree in Non Profit Administration, Rainbow has used her expertise to assist countless Non Profit organizations in all aspects of running a successful business.
Rainbow is a Master Trainer with StirFry Seminars & Consulting, facilitating Unlearning Racism, Unlearning Sexism, and Train the Trainer workshops, while also facilitating Color of Fear and Last Chance for Eden seminars.

  • Xrysa Zotali

    Thanks for this program. It is imperative that we all start stripping our thoughts down to the core and getting them out in the open. We can only build bridges if we are transparent with each but remain respectful and compassionate

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