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Middle Schooler’s organize Feminist Club, and Film Naila and the Uprising at JFF

Today on KPFA’s Women’s Magazine we talk to some of the new local feminist leaders of the young adult generation when we speak to Neva Zamil, Miaze Cline and Anjuna Mascarenhas-Swan three of the students at Berkeley’s Longfellow Middle School that helped to start a student Feminist Club to address sexism and teach their fellow students about feminism.

And Kate Raphael talks to Julia Bacha, director of the film, Naila and the Uprising, about the central role of women in the First Palestinian Intifada. Julia and executive producer Suhad Babaa will be present at two screenings of the film at the Jewish Film Festival, on Sunday July 29 at 5:00 pm at the Castro Theater, and on Monday, July 30, at 3:25 pm at the Albany Twin

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