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Feminist resistance to neoliberalism and Lesbian feminist poet Barbara Ruth

Women’s Magazine speaks to the authors of a new article called “For Slow Scholarship: A Feminist Politics of Resistance through Collective Action in the Neoliberal University”, which is a call for a feminist ethics of care that challenges the neoliberal working conditions of the university and replaces it with a feminist and collective model you all are calling slow scholarship. Lisa Dettmer talks to Professors Win Curran, Margaret Walton-Roberts, Trina Hamilton and Alison Mountz about their article and how self care is a radical feminist act.

Then we hear a segment produced by Adrienne Lauby of lesbian feminist writer and poet Barbara Ruth reading some of her poems and short writings. Ruth, whose work has been published widely, describes herself as an old, arthritic, tree-loving, hypertensive, lesbian, epileptic, fibromyalgic Potowatomee, Ashkenazi Jewish, Welsh, chemically hypersensitive, neurodivergent daughter of Yemaya, spoonie, writer and photographer.

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