Womens Magazine

Women’s Marches around the Bay

This week on KPFA Radio’s Women’s Magazine we look at some of the marches, protests and actions happening this week around the issue of patriarchy and gender violence. We talk to Jadelynn Stahl, cofounder of Disclose, about the creative  intervention they are planning for January 19th at 6:30 pm at Oscar Grant Plaza to protest the election of an accused rapist and a government that supports gender violence and affirm the possibility of a world without gender-based violence. And we talk to Renee McKenna, Alison Mata and Jenny Bradanini some of the organizers of the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose Women’s Marches happening on January 21st in concert with Women’s March in Washington DC and around the country to protest the election of Trump and to proclaim that women’s rights are human rights. And lastly we talk to artist Epil about the “Women Who Made Us” project, which is a call to the strength of the generations of women who came before us. They will be carrying photos of our female ancestors and offering to print posters of others ancestors.

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