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The Visionary Activist Show – Caroline Hosts Ben Boyce

benboyce2Caroline hosts Ben Boyce, that we may animate the Political Mythic guiding strategy for now, honor the opportunities woofing to us, underneath disappointment, discouragement, and the general chi-sucking, of what passes for public political discourse… Conjuring political syncretism: Visioning exercise for cultural progressives to be pragmatic Mystics of effective Political engagement, thinking constructively about a political horizon. That we assume cultural narrative lead from all inadequate muggle, clunky tyrannical bloviating certainty…(on left, right, middle).

Rumi (allegedly) says: “Whomever finds love underneath disappointment and grief – disappears into 1,000 new disguises.”

Let’s do that, team!

Ben Boyce is a member of Progressive Democrats for America, a community organizer, public policy advocate, co-author of the Praxis writer’s collective book “Uncivil Liberties: Deconstructing Libertarianism”, creator of a monthly column entitled ‘Progressive Majority Coalition’ in The Sun newspaper, and is a regular radio contributor on ‘This Week in Politics’ on KSVY FM.

“if expediency is her befoiblement, let it be our strategy…”

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