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Acknowledging the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Violence Impacting African American Males: Taking Action to Shift the Current Trends


Host Nancy Kahn holds a timely discussion with guest,  Nayaa Lacy, a self described World Activist, to discuss Nayaa’s call to our communities to invite full presence and awareness to the degree of violence African American males experience across the United States. Nayaa focuses on shifting our current habits and conditioning, our patterns of anesthetizing and placating ourselves with “anti” social media, drugs, alcohol, sex, food, religion, sports, and shopping,to becoming active participants examining the actual data related to the death rate of African American males in all communities across the country. Nayaa founded a project in Ghana to offer a safe place for African American males to live without the level of threat for their lives, and instead with full possibility of meeting their needs. She shares strategies for shifting the current trends of numbing out  and disconnection from the devastating violence in our communities.


Listeners are invited to call in to the show at 7:30 pm (dial 1-800-958-9008) to participate in this conversation.


Nayaa Lacy, daughter of a retired CCC African-American History teacher and a Black Panther co-founder and community activist mother.  Born in Accra in 1965 to two American parents, Nayaa calls herself a World Activist and has traveled to many, many countries: China, Nigeria, The Congo, France, England, Brazil, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Canada. Her passion is to be involved in presenting an alternative mindset to marginalized children in our area but not as a vacation, as a living experience.  Visioning a year of living, learning, eating, worshiping, working (defining business opportunities) abroad beginning in Ghana.  


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