Talk-It-Out Radio

​​Essential Communication Skills to Dialogue about Racial and Gender Oppression, and Sexual Harrassment, at the Organizational and Institutional Levels

Host Nancy Kahn holds a timely discussion with guest, Randi Bryant, a corporate diversity trainer and author. They address current events related to the abuse of power across race and gender, and share communication strategies they have found essential in holding successful dialogues of this nature. Nancy and Randi talk about the #MeToo Movement and the recent controversial Supreme Court nomination.
Listeners are invited to call in to the show at 7:40 pm (dial 1-800-958-9008) to describe any current challenges you are facing in organizations or institutions across race and gender oppression or sexual harassment, and receive support and communication coaching.
About Randi Bryant: In 2001, Randi founded and still operates a corporate training company, educating companies, executives and employees on topics including anti-discrimination, communication in a diverse work environment, and how to capitalize on a diverse workforce. Randi has grown it from a small start-up consultancy to an award-winning company with a full-service staff and a roster of Fortune 100 clients. Over the years, she has become even more fascinated with how uninformed people in the United States are about racial, gender and cultural issues – and how scared they are to discuss them. Randi writes a popular blog,, that frequently addresses issues of race, diversity and communication. Her recently published book Neversays: Things That You Should Never Say is  meant to improve communications in diverse work and social environments, is gaining attention. She is a sought-after speaker on diversity issues and is a graduate of Tuskegee University and The College of William & Mary.

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